Dates; 1st till 19th April

 Our Lambing shed is back open this year ready for you to come a see what goes on at spring time on a real working farm. Our pregnant ewes will be giving birth around the clock and you may be lucky enough to see a real birth.

In the Lambing shed we will also have our Lamb handling area, this will be where you come to at your booked time to experience lamb handling with your booked group. Once this session is over you can stay on the farm for as long as you wish, you can also arrive early but you cannot enter the handling area until your time slot.

Holding a lamb can be a magical experience for all ages and with a farmer on hand they will show you the correct way to handle a lamb and answer any questions about sheep, lambing and spring time on the farm.

The paddocks will be full of newborn lambs skipping in the spring air along with pigs, donkeys, chickens and our other farm animals.

How will it work?

  • Please click the BOOK ONLINE button below
  • Book a time slot for everyone in your group (you don’t need to provide a email address for everyone just the person making the booking)
  • Arrive on you selected day 5 minuets before your selected time so we can get you booked in
  • You will be directed over to the handling area for your allotted slot. Masks will need to be worn for the initial start of the handling experience, and PPE will be available to prevent your clothing becoming soiled
  • Once your lamb handling time is over (WASH YOUR HANDS) you can spend time around the farm park viewing the other farm animals and of course the BOWTHORPE OAK
  • Toilets and refreshments will be available on site, we will be cooking our home made Lincoln Red Beef Burgers and Berkshire Pork Sausages



Pregnant Visitors are advised not to have any close contact with the sheep, for more information please visit https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pregnancy-advice-on-contact-with-animals-that-are-giving-birth

WASH YOUR HANDS ! We know your all bored of hearing this but animals carry bacteria just like your pets (and us), if you have never been exposed to this before it can make you ill, so please wash your hands regularly and before eating at the hand wash areas provided. Parents and guardians its your responsibility to ensure your child’s hands are washed correctly. Once at home if you find your clothing has carried muck home from the farm, remove soiled clothing (once at home) and place straight in the washing machine and thoroughly wash your hands. For more information about visiting a farm please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/farm-visits-avoiding-infection

When booking you will be redirected to a Paypal page. Please note that a Paypal account is NOT required to make payment. If you do not wish to use Paypal please scroll down and click “Pay by Debit or Credit Card”



Dates; 23rd till 31st October 

Time; 10am till 4pm

Info: Come along if you dare to our Spooky Halloween event this October Half Term. Choose your own pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch before heading over to the barn to carve your creation meaning no mess at home

Say hello to our Cows, pigs, chickens sheep and other farm animals, and try not to get lost in the bale maze

We will be cooking our Pedigree Lincoln Red Burgers and Lincolnshire sausages with hot and cold refreshments also available.

FREE pumpkin with every child entry

Booking for this event is required to ensure there is enough space in the carving barn, but once your in you can stay as long as you wish.

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