Our Farm Shop is open Thursday -Sunday ( see opening times ) We stock our home reared, Red Tractor farm assured Beef, Pork & Lamb. We also stock a range of local products from milk, potatoes, cheese to walking sticks.

Our fresh meat counter is full of mouth watering Beef, Pork, Lamb and seasonal game freshly butchered on site. Our deli counter has a fantastic range of homemade ready meals, pork pies, haslet, sliced ham & beef. Hot, cold refreshments and freshly made hot sausage rolls & cake are also available.

Farm Shop Opening Times

Thursday to Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday 10am – 2pm

Local & seasonal fruit, veg, flowers, Milk, cheese & so much more.

Have a look at our range of products, we can put an order together for you just give us a call or send us an email, we can also provide and specific cuts for a special occasion.

All our Beef, Pork and Lamb are born and raised on the farm giving you the real farm to fork buying experience. Our native breed Lincoln Red Beef, Jacob Lamb and Berkshire Pork are slow maturing giving the meat a real enriched deep flavour.

Our herd of Pedigree Lincoln Red Cattle take the name “Buttery Park” from a herd that grazed the land at Bowthorpe over 100 years ago.

The cows are all born less than 200m from the majestic Bowthorpe Oak, and in the spring graze the fresh grass in the paddocks around the ancient tree. Traditional mixed farming methods help to drive a sustainable way of producing food. Growing cereal crops provides the animals with supplement winter feed and bedding that is converted by cows into natural fertiliser to help the crops grow, thus reducing the need for artificial fertilizers. Rotational grassland is used to combat weeds, improve soil health and provide fresh grazing for livestock.



The farm conforms to the highest welfare standards and undergoes a rigorous farm assurance inspection annually. The cattle are run as a closed herd, meaning no animals are moved on to the holding without first being blood tested. This reduces the risk of introducing our animals to illness, giving you the confidence of purchasing quality fully traceable meat from field to fork.



Lincoln Red cattle are one of the oldest UK native breeds, which makes them slower maturing than commercial breeds. The Pedigree Lincoln Red blood lines can be traced back through generations just like your own family tree. The Lincoln Red consist of a higher fat content than most modern breeds and produces beautiful marbled, succulent flavoured meat. Hung for over 4 weeks, quality beef with such provenance cannot be rushed.



Our sheep flock is made up of two breeds, our Texel lambs are ready in the autumn after being on grass all summer they taste lovely and fresh. Our Jacob’s are a slow maturing breed that are ready in the following spring, with the added age comes a much deeper flavour that is unique to this breed and must be tried to be appreciated



Our home reared Berkshire pork is packed full of flavour. Berkshire is a slow maturing breed with an excellent fat covering which is great for crackling. Our handmade Lincolnshire sausages are perfect for the bbq or breakfast, with gluten free options available.



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