Welcome To Our Farm

Bowthorpe Park Farm is located in south Lincolnshire along the A6121 between the market towns of Bourne and Stamford. The farm is around 400acres in a block with some more rented land being close by.

The farm is a traditional mixed holding consisting of arable and livestock, the main cropping is made up of milling wheat for bread making, feed barley, oil seed rape, field beans and oats. The oats beans and barley are also used to feed the cattle. The permanent and temporary grassland is grazed by the farms Buttery Park Heard made up of mainly pedigree Lincoln red cattle.

All the straw is baled and used for the cattle or is sold to farmers and equestrian units as far away as Wales and Cumbria as well as being sold and delivered locally.

Along with the farming enterprises contracting services are offered, including stock fencing and silage/haymaking.

The farm has been involved with a stewardship scheme over the past five years; this ensures a safe haven for wildlife with areas dedicated to growing wild bird seed mixture, hedgerow management and low input grassland.

The title of the farm “Bowthorpe Park” suggest that the ground is mainly grassland; this was of course the case until the Second World War where the need for food meant that it was ploughed up, we are however slowly putting the land back down to its natural grass leys.

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