Lincoln Red cattle are one of the oldest UK native breeds, which makes them slower maturing than commercial breeds. The Pedigree Lincoln Red blood lines can be traced back through generations just like your own family tree. The Lincoln Red consist of a higher fat content than most modern breeds and produces beautiful marbled, succulent flavoured meat. Hung for over 4 weeks, quality beef with such provenance cannot be rushed.

Fillet Steak

Beef Cheek

100% Pedigree Lincoln Red Steak Burgers

Beef Oxtail

Beef Shin

Braising Steak

Diced Stewing Steak

Lean Minced Beef

Meaty Spare Rib

Lincoln Red Beef and Onion Burgers

Topside Joint

Rib-Eye Steak

Rolled Brisket Joint

Silverside Joint

Sirloin Steak

Dry Aged 10oz Rump Steak

Beef Fore-Rib Bone In

Rump Steak

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