Bowthorpe Park Farm | About The Tree
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The Bowthorpe Oak sits on Bowthorpe Park Farm in south Lincolnshire. The trees great stature and age means it has been an attraction for many hundreds of years; there are some records and account of past residents using the tree for their own entertaining. Up until recently cows, sheep, chickens and horses could be seen grazing in and around the tree.


The tree is thought to be over 1000 years old which means it was growing around the time William the Conqueror ruled.


At one time the tree was said to have a ceiling with a pigeon loft above and door fitted, which can be seen in the gallery.


In 1768 George Pauncefort Esq. who rented Bowthorpe Park is recorded as having it floored with benches placed around to use as a dining area. (View gallery to view the remains if the nails used to hold the benches in place)

Over 100 years ago the first chain was fitted to support the tree, a second was then added in 1978 along with this some pruning work was carried out to remove dead branches. A third was then added around 12 years ago.


In 2002 the tree council in celebration of The Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH II has designated The Bowthorpe Oak one of fifty Great British Trees in recognition of its place in the national heritage June 2002.


We have recently been advised to fence off the tree which does limit access but it has to be done to preserve the tree and ensure there is no compaction that can damage roots.


Each year the tree magnificently comes into leaf and some years gives us acorns, could one of them grow into a Great Tree????


Please come and visit the tree to find out more information