bowthorpe | Beef for Sale
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Beef For Sale

Home Reared Pedigree Lincoln Red meat is available to buy from our ticket office during opening hours.

Meat pack with a FREE bag for life

X 2 Rump Steaks

X 2 Sirloin Steaks


X 6 Burgers

X 1 Roasting Joint

X 2 Mince

Single Cuts

Fillet Steak

Boned and Roller Rib

Braising Steak (diced)

Our herd of Pedigree Lincoln Red Cattle take the name “Buttery Park” from a herd that grazed the land at Bowthorpe over 100 years ago.


The cows are all born less than 200m from the majestic Bowthorpe Oak, and in the spring graze the fresh grass in the paddocks around the ancient tree. Traditional mixed farming methods help to drive a sustainable way of producing food. Growing cereal crops provides the animals with supplement winter feed and bedding that is converted by cows into natural fertiliser to help the crops grow, thus reducing the need for artificial fertilizers. Rotational grassland is used to combat weeds, improve soil health and provide fresh grazing for livestock.

The farm conforms to the highest welfare standards and undergoes a rigorous farm assurance inspection annually. The cattle are run as a closed herd, meaning no animals are moved on to the holding without first being blood tested. This reduces the risk of introducing our animals to illness, giving you the confidence of purchasing quality fully traceable meat from field to fork.

Lincoln Red cattle are one of the oldest UK native breeds, which makes them slower maturing than commercial breeds. The Pedigree Lincoln Red blood lines can be traced back through generations just like your own family tree. The Lincoln Red consist of a higher fat content than most modern breeds and produces beautiful marbled, succulent flavoured meat. Hung for over 4 weeks, quality beef with such provenance cannot be rushed.

For more information or to discuss your requirement’s please